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To continue in the world as we know it today, we must take care of it. For this reason, we are increasing awareness of the importance of certain actions such as recycling, reusing objects and reducing consumption.

Travelling does not mean leaving these customs aside, since sustainable or eco-friendly hotels care about doing it for you, by choosing us as an option for your holiday, you are collaborating with the sustainability of our planet during your stay.

We are committed to reducing the consumption of natural and energy resources and emissions as much as possible. We also recycle waste so that its environmental impact is as low as possible.

Furthermore, we have efficient lighting systems, low pressure water installations, solar control windows and electric vehicle chargers.

Not only that, but we respect the environment and the tradition of the surroundings in our enclaves, as well as the culture and biodiversity, participating in the socio-economic activities of the area.

In this concern to take care of the environment, our hotels also contribute to the local economy by consuming products, suppliers and services from the area (fish from their markets, local fruits and vegetables, etc …). In this way, we contribute positively to society; achieving social and economic sustainability.

TORSEHOTELES is committed to this type of eco-friendly management; taking into account its three fundamental pillars: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability; which shows our desire to carry out a more respectful management of our surroundings and the environment.

This way of traveling is known as sustainable tourism. The World Tourism Organization (TWTO) defines it as “Tourism that fully takes into account current and future economic, social and environmental repercussions to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities”.

At TORSEHOTELES we try, precisely, to make its existence have the least possible impact on the world. In this way, the planet we know today will live for many more years and will be a better place for future generations.

Staying at TORSEHOTELES, we all collaborate in the sustainability of our planet.


  • Design and build whilst- taking into account environmental, social and cultural principles.
  • Contribute to the development of the community by supporting local businesses and gastronomic events in the area.
  • Promote seasonal food with local products and Km0 in our restaurants.
  • Using concentrated chemical products for daily cleaning of all hotel facilities implies a reduction in the carbon footprint, less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Use low consumption lighting and water use systems.
  • Use organic materials in tablecloths, bedding and bathroom.
  • Reduce plastic consumption by promoting the use of disposable, compostable and recyclable materials.
  • Invest in home automation for awnings, blinds and lighting.
  • Reduce to the maximum the consumption of heating or air conditioning, improving the insulation of our facilities.
  • Adapt the temperatures inside the facilities avoiding energy waste.
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